When is the best time to visit the Mont Saint Michel ?

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When to Visit Mont Saint Michel: An Attraction for the Whole Year


Mont Saint Michel is a spectacular place to visit at any time. Both the tourist office and the various attractions on the island (such as the Abbey, Parish Church, and museums) remain open through the year, except for holidays. The tourist office has four different sets of opening hours. It is open 9:30am to 7:00pm during peak tourist season in July and August, and 10:00am to 5:00pm in the middle of winter from November through February, so visitors can come during the main part of the day throughout the year. When planning a trip, however, visitors should keep in mind crowds, weather, and any special events they would like to attend.

Visitors may like to visit outside of the busiest, and hottest, season in July and August. With over 2.5 million visitors per year, Mont Saint Michel can be almost suffocatingly busy during peak season. Although the weather remains moderate year-round, the temperatures in mid-summer are a bit on the warm side. Daytime temperatures in July and August usually range in the upper 20s Celsius / lower 80s Fahrenheit, but they can reach into the mid-30s Celsius / lower 90s Fahrenheit. Winter is less crowded, but visitors should again keep in mind the weather. Although visitors should be prepared for rain at any time, Normandy receives the most rainfall from October through December. Temperatures in the middle of winter can approach freezing on the coldest days, so coats are a must. May and September are some of the most pleasant months to visit. Mont Saint Michel is less busy during these months than in mid-summer, and the temperatures in the late spring and early autumn average in the low teens Celsius / 50s Fahrenheit. Visitors in May can also enjoy flowers blooming throughout Normandy.

Finally, visitors should think about what else they would like to see during their visit. While lights illumine the island at night throughout the year, tourists in mid-summer can enjoy sound and light shows in the evening. Mont Saint Michel also boasts some of the highest ocean tides in Europe. The tides are typically highest in the spring a day or two after the new and full moons. The island also hosts special events throughout the year. Calendars for the tides and special events are on Mont Saint Michel’s website: www.ot-montsaintmichel.com.

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